TACENDA at VAULT Festival 2019

Tacenda is a ye olde word meaning the exact opposite of agenda: a list of things better left unsaid.

Elizabeth and Joy have been friends forever, but they still have a tacenda. Even though they know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets, they still tend to mince their words sometimes. We all know that feeling, don’t we?
The problem is that if Elizabeth and Joy don’t start being honest with each other they’re going to live the same dishonest day over and over again…and they’re not the only people who will suffer as a result. They’re ruining their best friend’s birthday party, for one thing.

An exciting new piece of devised theatre about why we sugar-coat our words when we have the option to be honest. blurs the boundaries between reality and the surreal, Tacenda is a story for anyone who has ever had to bite their tongue. Combining physical theatre, devised storytelling and a vicious sense of humour, Tacenda will force us all to relive our mistakes until we have the nerve to be straight with each other.