The word ‘tacenda’ is a ye olde word which literally means the opposite of the word ‘agenda’: a list of things better left unsaid. We all worry about saying the wrong thing: to our bosses, our friends and even (sometimes especially) our partners. We cling to the notion that it is better to keep the peace than rock the boat by revealing the truth. Why tell your mother-in-law that her lasagne is terrible when all it will do is cause an issue, right? We would love to be honest, but honesty never seems to get us anywhere. The truth can set you free but it can also make the staff party really bloody awkward.

In an irreverent yet moving homage to ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Liar Liar’, RedBellyBlack Theatre explore what happens when we are made to start again, this time without bullshitting.

What would you do if you had no filter, no social niceties to hide behind? What if you genuinely could not hold your tongue? A couple play out the same day over and over until they choose to be truly honest, but with so much at stake, is it better to stick to a tacenda than change the agenda?